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Management Team

The responsibilities of our key management team are as follows:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Our CEO is responsible for the day-to-day operations of SRM and the Fund, and together with the Board, the CEO shall determine the strategy of Sentral REIT. Our CEO will also work with the other members of our management team to manage and operate Sentral REIT achieving the Fund’s objectives in accordance with the Deed, Capital Markets and Service Act 2007 and REITs Guidelines. In addition, the CEO will be responsible to plan the future strategic development and growth of Sentral REIT.

Our CEO, together with the Board, will identify and evaluate potential acquisitions with a view to enhance the Fund. Our CEO is responsible for the overall management, investment and asset management strategies as well as the strategic growth of Sentral REIT.

Derek Teh Wan Wei was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of SRM on 1 April 2022. He has over 20 years of experience in the property industry. Prior to SRM, Derek was the Vice President, Properties at MRCB, where he provided leadership, management and overseeing the business operations of development for various commercial, residential, mixed development projects. He also worked at CIMB-Mapletree Management Sdn Bhd and led the investment, fund management, development management and asset management functions for a portfolio of real estate assets, where he left as Chief Investment Officer. Derek holds a Master of Business Systems from Monash University and double Bachelor’s Degrees in Property & Construction (Building) and Planning & Design from the University of Melbourne.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Our CFO is responsible for the full spectrum of financial of Sentral REIT.

Finance and Accounting function. The CFO is the person primarily responsible for the financial affairs of Sentral REIT, which encompasses record keeping, financial reporting, financial and tax compliance, debt financing, treasury function and tax planning. Besides the financial affairs, the CFO is also actively involved in ensuring that Sentral REIT’s risk management and internal control systems are in place and working effectively to safeguard Sentral REIT’s assets.

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Our CIO together with the CEO develops and communicates investment strategy and policies, contribute to business strategy and growth of SENTRAL. The CIO oversee and develop the investment, investor relations and legal teams, supervise and oversee the investment process, establish processes to ensure investment policies are followed, and makes recommendation on asset allocation, and risk management across SENTRAL’s portfolio.

Joyce Loh was appointed CIO on 1 January 2023. She has been with SRM spanning over 12 years overseeing the investment and investor relations functions as core responsibilities, while also contributing to the leasing, financing/treasury and asset management functions. Her past working experiences include corporate finance and advisory where she started her career in BDO Capital Consultants Sdn Bhd and Covenant Equity Consulting Sdn Bhd as a corporate consultant involved in corporate advisory and recovery projects for various industry sectors. She was also an investor relations personnel with a public listed company in the insurance industry prior to moving into the real estate industry. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University of Melbourne Australia.

Asset Manager

The Asset / Property Manager is responsible for formulating the business plan of Sentral REIT’s properties with short, medium and long-term objectives, and with a view to maximizing the rental income of Sentral REIT via active asset management. The Asset / Property Manager works closely with the Chief Executive Officer to implement Sentral REIT strategies so as to ensure that its properties maximize their income generation potential and minimize their expense base without compromising the marketability of the rentable space. The Asset Management Team led by the Asset Manager focuses on the operations and implementation of the short to medium term objectives of Sentral REIT’s portfolio and supervises the Property Manager in the implementation of Sentral REIT’s strategies.

Chan Fong Hin has more than 20 years of experience in operation, maintenance and management of office buildings. He possesses an Electrical High Pressure Certificate 11 kV – (BO) from University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). Prior to his present appointment as Asset Manager with SRM, he was employed with Knight Frank (Ooi & Zaharin Sdn Bhd) property management division where he managed the overall operation and maintenance of the commercial properties under Sentral REIT portfolio namely, Wisma Technip and assist in technical support and administration for all other buildings under Sentral REIT’s portfolio. Previously, he also held the post of Facility Manager in R-Segari Holdings Sdn Bhd, where he managed the overall operation and maintenance of the client’s facilities including implementation of the asset monitoring software system Computerised Maintenance Monitoring System (CMMS). Prior to that, he was the Maintenance Chargeman for Hong Leong Properties Management Sdn Bhd responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of Wisma Hong Leong.

Investment and Investor Relations Manager

The Investment and Business Development Manager’s primary role is to identify and evaluate potential acquisitions with a view to enhancing Sentral REIT’s portfolio. Her responsibilities also include evaluating potential divestments where a property is no longer strategic or fails to enhance Sentral REIT’s portfolio or fails to be accretive. The Investment and Business Development Manager also recommends and analyses potential asset enhancement initiatives. In order to support these various initiatives, the Investment and Business Development Manager develops financial models to test the financial impact of different courses of action. These findings help to develop and aid in implementing the proposed initiatives.

The Investor Relations Manager is responsible for all liaison and communication with unitholders by maintaining continous disclosure and transparent communication with unitholders and the market. This includes regular analyst meetings, roadshows, and quarterly performance announcements and production of annual reports. In addition, she is responsible for market research and monitoring industry trends.

Compliance Officer

Legal Compliance function. This function ensures that Sentral REIT complies with the regulatory requirements governing the establishment, operation and management of Sentral REIT such as the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007, REITs Guidelines, SC Guidelines on Unit Trust Funds, Bursa Securities Listing Requirements and other relevant legislations. The legal and compliance function also periodically monitors the operations of Sentral REIT to ensure that there are no breaches to the covenants of the Trust Deed and any other contracts/agreements entered into by Sentral REIT with third parties.

Leasing Manager

The Leasing Manager’s primary role is to source, identify, communicate and negotiate with existing tenants, prospective tenants and real estate agents for the leasing and marketing of available commercial and retail spaces within Sentral REIT’s portfolio. . The Leasing Manager acts as the main contact person for tenancy queries as well as tenant services, liaison and administration matters. Other key responsibilities includes monitoring the portfolio’s tenancy mix to ensure healthy tenant mix and occupancy rate are achieved.